There is much information online about the best way to promote a business, but at the heart of any successful campaign is the requirement for some foundational skills. Arguably the most crucial of these is copywriting.

I’m not at all an expert in the field, but it doesn’t take much reading around before you start to see the same names coming up over and over as the sources of the best techniques…

People such as Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, John Collier, John Carlton and Drayton Bird are among the most highly regarded in the marketing industry.  I’ve become a student of several of the great men listed above (and others)  subscribing to their lists and I’ve even bought some of their material. So I’d like to make a recommendation, any of these guys are worth checking out for their marketing and copywriting know how, business savvy, hints and tips and routes to success. One of the easiest to access is Drayton Bird, a series of foundational videos can be found here that provides some excellent guidance to writing more powerful and persuasive copy. Enjoy!

This link will take you to Drayton Bird’s page.