Having been generally skeptical about the usefulness of the plethora of social media sites that you can join, I’ve been genuinely delighted by Pinterest. As a designer it’s given me a very useful forum to find inspiration, organise mood boards and generally find links, tangents and visual connections that are hard to find elsewhere.

Over the coming weeks along with finding and sorting ‘pins’ from within the site, I’ll also be adding recent work as Pinterest is a great forum for showcasing a graphic design portfolio. There are facilities to set up a business page, which I’ll look into and perhaps write about at a later date.

The main site is at pinterest.com and you can sign in via Facebook, Twitter or set up a stand alone account.

If you would like to follow my personal boards, go to http://pinterest.com/pmmcreative/

For Safari users, there’s a useful video on how to install the ‘Pin It’ button to your bookmark bar.